Love looks like many things. As easy as it is to over complicate, its usually the simple things that scream “love” the loudest. While many of us scurry this season to find the perfect token of appreciation for the loves in our lives- we’ve decided to aid in the effort by bringing love back to its core, the heart! Every hand crafted, glass heart is uniquely fashioned and offer a visual representation of a heart transformed.

Whether the heart that’s ablaze or the one that’s melting; the heart that soars or the one that’s hanging on and has stood the test of time…there’s a heart befitting of every individual and the love that they have to share.


Our winged and drip designed hearts are made to hang with a glass hook naturally featured off center from one of the heart’s arches.

Handmade, sculpted glass proudly made in our downtown studio!

*due to the nature of how these are crafted- every heart will differ slightly in size and specificity of design

~3-4” in length and height, ~1/2” thickness

Important notes

Pieces that are not already in stock are made-to-order and will require 10-14 days to process.

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us with any concerns, questions, or special requests you may have regarding our glass.