glassblowing classes

Back to School Sale! $10 off for each ‘student’ attending!
Classes at Central GlassWorks are available year-round and are accessible for all ages and skill levels. We offer two basic glassblowing classes:


2)PRIVATE LESSONS “For 1 to 6 people: create a collection of art on your own or bring a group and make it a party” $170 total (not per person)

SAVE $20 by scheduling your Private Lesson Wed-Fri       ONLY $150 (no code needed)

Saturday Morning Glassblowing Class for One $70 (held at 10am) Join a group of fellow students to twist, cut, and shape molten glass this weekend. Participants will have their choice between creating two small pieces of art or one large piece. Small items include paperweights, ornaments, floats, “suck” bowls (a style of small bowl), shot glasses, and votives. Large items include pumpkins, bowls (straight sided or wavy sided), vases, and large drinking glasses. You will have a hand in every step of the process. Pieces are available the following day for pick up as they require 12 hours to cool. Click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button to schedule your class.

Private Glassblowing Lesson $170 (scheduled Wed-Sun from 9am-8pm)This workshop will introduce students to the entire glassblowing studio hotshop; from the furnace to the annealing oven. This class can accommodate one to ten students. Each participant will create a unique piece or small collection of glass that can be taken home the following day. What can be made will be based on how many students are in the class.  Students will have hands-on participation in the entire blowing process. Below is a description of options determined by class size. Classes must be limited to no more than six participants until further notice.preview

Workshops are approximately 2 hours. Central GlassWorks invites you and your children, as young as 4 years or as old as the hills, to come learn to blow glass with us. We are also fully accessible to those with disabilities and are happy to answer any concerns you might have. Click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button to schedule your glassblowing experience.


Experienced Glassblower Hotshop Rental (scheduled Wed-Sun from 9am-8pm) If you’ve already got a little bit of experience with glassblowing, you might consider renting the hotshop of Central GlassWorks. The staff and studio is at your disposal and all supplies are included in one very reasonable flat rate of two hours for $120. Must be booked via phone or email: (360)623-1099