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KEVIN MICHAEL REGAN is the owner and resident artist of Central GlassWorks. He has been blowing glass for more than 20 years. Regan established his first studio, Central GlassWorks, in November 2005 at 26 years old. He is a single parent of two beautiful children, Iris and Elliott.

Regan picked up his first blow-pipe when he was 16 years old in a class taught by Scott Darlington at Fifth Avenue Glass, now known as Seattle Glass. He started assisting classes at the age of 17 and was teaching beginner classes by the age of 19. After several years at Seattle Glass, Regan began traveling.

With the urge to do more than just blow glass, he landed an apprenticeship with the most prominent glass carver in the world, Kelsey Murphy, who at that time led the cameo division of Pilgrim Glass. Regan lived in the hills of West Virginia on Murphy’s ranch for almost four months. It was there that he launched his trade as a glass carver. It was also his first experience living in a rural setting.

Under the wing of Kelsey Murphy, Regan toured several European countries. In the Black Hills of Manchester England, he was able to experiment with different techniques in both carving and blowing. In the Brierley Hill community a direct descendant of Thomas Webb, a pioneer of cameo glass, gave Regan his first and only taste of the copper wheel. Kelsey Murphy took him to Denmark and Sweden as well, where he was able to try his hand at the Swedish style. He worked briefly at both Orrefors and Kosta Boda.

His travels took him as far as the island of Murano off of Venice in Italy where he volunteered several weeks assisting a family of glass blowers. Regan was also able to talk his way into working with one of the fifteen, nine man glass blowing teams of Waterford Crystal in Ireland.
imageRegan has also taught at the Eugene Glass School in Oregon. He worked for David Garcia in southern Washington and at Vitreluxe Glass for Lynn Read in Portland, Oregon. Regan now divides his time between the glass studio and family life with his two children. Bliss is found when those two overlap.

Annabelle Rose Thomas websitepics-feb2017-019Anna has been blowing glass off and on for 8 years, at nineteen that is quite the accomplishment. She attends The Evergreen State College and is the head teacher at CGW every Saturday and Sunday.

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