in action: cane pull



Cane. We’re enamored by its influence in the glass world! These unassuming stringers create a plethora of possibilities for glassblowers. And no matter where cane-work lies in the studio, their ribbons of color beckon every passing glance…but how are they made?

In its simplest form, cane may be pulled by heating and shaping a single bar of solid glass color (featured). The bar of choice is then encased with a layer of clear glass to preserve the integrity of the color and pulled or “stretched”, resulting in a single strand with a pencil-like diameter. The strand is lowered to the floor as it cools, losing its fluidity.

Once freed from the glassblower’s rod, the cane is further broken into more manageable segments and allowed to cool completely. Colors are scored-n-snapped to size in order to prepare unique designs- giving new life to the glass as it awaits to heat another day!



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