The Evolution of a Glass Octopus!


If you have visited the studio (or even if you’ve just watched our recent social media updates) over the last year, you will recognize this piece. This large octopus was one of the first we made, and still hangs proudly in the gallery of Central GlassWorks. However, this is not the end of that project! As we are sure you have seen, we have been continuing to build on and refine the process, creating more and more gorgeous Octopus Lights!


Each Octopus presents its own unique challenges, and each one creates a personality for itself as they come together. Some wild and reaching out, others calm and tranquil.


Among many of the things that have been experimented with over the course of the last year, color application has been a big one. As we find ways to give a variety of textures (like the suction cups in the arms) as well as the solid color throughout the body, we are able to create several new variations.


We recently delivered 9 of these deep sea wonders to the Tacoma Museum of Glass, soon to be put up on display and for sale in their gift shop!


Thank you for joining us on this adventure, and stay tuned to see what changes and growth awaits this project and many more as we progress into the future!

Octopus Collage

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