Stocking Stuffers

The glassblowing process yields all sorts of wacky-shaped scraps, often with fascinating color patterns. For the sake of minimizing waste, we are up-cycling these extra fragments and making them available in our gallery. An artist named Colleen Smith rummages through our scrap bins, brings home the jagged, misshapen bits, and melts them into absolutely dazzling pendants and earrings. Some of her work is pictured above.
When we twist up the colors in a piece, we have
to cut off a portion of the glass so that the colors spiral together into a clean finish. These scraps either get flattened into discs or left as they are, and can be used as fidgets or decorations. Kevin Regan turns some of them into quirky magnets. These magnets are made of leftovers from our ornament production for the Tacoma Museum of Glass. Stay tuned next week for a video about the ornaments…






Jesse Clark works full-time as our head teacher. When he gets home from work at the end of the day, he still has the energy and passion to light up his own torch to make these lovely pendants, shown below:


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