One-of-a-Kind Night Lights: $29 each

If you’ve ever been to the back of our shop, you might have noticed our shelves full of old glass pieces; some of which have been sitting, untouched, for years. After all, the nature of the artist is to have an array of to-be-continued projects. Some works of art are never truly complete, but recently we have revisited our project shelves and adorned the gallery with a fresh assortment of finished products.
NightLight2The pieces pictured have been brought forth from their shelves, dusted off, and turned into lovely night lights. In the spirit of autumn, with the days growing shorter, there arises a longing for coziness, perhaps a blanket and a hot drink, under the glow of a warm light. These one-of-a-kind night lights will bring a tasteful, comforting atmosphere to any home.

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