Owls at Central GlassWorks

Here at Central GlassWorks we are starting the fall season off right! We have pumpkins galore at the moment but, we wanted to bring another feeling of fall into the shop. We started making Owl Vases! Below, we have pictured some of the process in making our first two owls of the season!

These clear owls vases are $50 each and we will soon be following up with more vases with color. More to come, folks…


Owl 1

Here we have our starter shape for the owl.

Owl 3

We swing and use gravity to lengthen our piece.

Owl 4

Paddling the bottom makes sure we stay flat.

Owl 5

Attaching wings of the owl.

owl 6

Once the wing is attached Kevin cuts the glass and smooths the wing.


Now, we transfer the piece to a solid rod so we can open the top of the vase.

owl 9

Kevin pulling the horns of the owl up.

owl 8

Starting to look more finished.

owl 10

Attaching the eyes to the owl.


Breaking the finished piece off to be put into our annealer overnight.

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