We’re growing!

When Central GlassWorks opened its doors for business in October of 2005, we had barely any glass in the gallery, a very small staff, and very modest equipment. But with the ongoing support and encouragement of our community, we’ve been growing! We now have six employees, hundreds of items to choose from for purchase, and multiple ways to get involved and make art yourself. We’re very excited to tell you that we’re expanding even further this spring!

We’ve purchased equipment to double our studio space and class load. New furnaces, glory holes, annealers, benches, and more will be making their way to us in just a matter of weeks! You can expect a complete closure of our studio space and a brief closure of our gallery space as we renovate our building and make some very exciting changes. But don’t worry, we’ll be up and running again within a few months and our class line-up will be better than ever. We promise.

Our last day of glassblowing for the spring is this Saturday, so stop in and say hello! For questions about store hours, classes, or anything else, don’t hesitate to call us at (360)-623-1099.

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